Monday, March 17, 2003

Blogger, we need to talk.

First, let me say the time we've spent together has been really special, I've never met anyone like you before and...wait Blogger, c'mon...don't cross your arms and get that look on your face...this isn't easy...okay, calm down, I know it's not like I'M the one getting, it's not "all about me" all the time. I just think you deserve to know why...

what?...fine. I'll spare you the "drama" as you put it.

Yes, I already packed my "moronic fucking ramblings" thank you...and paid the hosting bill for the month...why are you going through my boxes?...Jesus Blogger! It doesn't have to be this way...I thought we were adults, I thought we could be friends....what do you think you're going to find in there anyway? I didn't steal anything from you.

YOUR template? You know I had that template when I moved in! You didn't even LIKE that template, now all of a sudden it's YOURS?

No, no, fine. Keep it. If that's the hill you want to die on...

Where am I going? Why do you want to know, so you can stalk me? ...Okay, if you must know, to MY NEW SITE.

No, it didn't take me long.

No, it's not prettier than you. It wasn't you, it was me, I just...

I know, spare you the drama.

Okay then. I guess I'll see you around.