Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I haven't posted to this site in days.

First excuse:
As a reaction to the world peace marches last Saturday I started, what I thought would be, a nice little story about my Great-Grandma and how a picture of her reminds me of the need for peace (it does, honest). But after finishing the seventh page I came to the conclusion that it was much too long to be a blog entry, and possibly needed to be fleshed out even further as a full fledged novel(la). This is a good thing, right? Well wrong, it's all been an utter disaster so far. Since the story starts in the first and ends during the second World War, I can't seem to escape the inherent schmaltzy-sappy "Greatest Generation" overtones already beaten into our skulls by good folks like The Tom Brokaw, or still burning our collective retina's thanks to The Spielberg, or any of a thousand late-night sober-up sessions in front of The AMC. So there's that. All ideas on eradicating the schmaltz factor would be welcome.

Let me start by saying that New York City is in fact, bar none, the greatest city on the planet. Every person in the industrialized world wants to live in New York, or look like they live in New York, or consume the food, art, film, literature, clothing and culture of New York. And they can. It's the beauty of this city. Unlike other, more proprietary places on earth, this city belongs to the world. Billionaire Playboy? C'mon in! Hopeful starlet? We got six roommates in a Lower East Side one-bedroom just waiting for you to plop down that futon! Wretched Refuse? Bring it on! New York belongs to the world and if you doubt it for a second there's a tall green lady standing in the harbor with a big old torch in her hand begging to tell you different.

That said: New Yorker's are fucking useless in a snowstorm.